Prof. Dr. Anatoliy Zaiets

Prof. Dr. Anatoliy Zaiets

Prof. Dr. Anatoliy Zaiets

Expert of the Center

Head of the Department of Legal Theory and Public Law

Associated member of the National Academy of legal sciences of Ukraine

Research interests: theoretical approaches to understanding law, its nature, formation, coexistence of law and statute, law’s ties to the state and the role of law in formation and functioning of the state and society; theoretical and practical aspects of the formation of constitutional and social state and society in Ukraine; the issues of Ukrainian parliamentarian development, organization and activities of self-government, researching forms of government, division of powers, constitutional regulation and mechanisms of protection of human and citizens’ rights and liberties.

State awards:

Honored lawyer of Ukraine (2003)

Certificate of Merit from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2004)

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