Local Self-Government and the Rule of Law: A Serie of Trainings

Local Self-Government and the Rule of Law: A Serie of Trainings

Within the Folke Bernadotte Academy Project “Local Self-Government and the Rule of Law in Ukraine” the experts of the Center have conducted more than 30 specialized trainings for municipal officials. The participants have represented by municipal officials from partnering cities of the Project:

  • Western cluster (Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Sambir, Truskavets);
  • Eastern cluster (Myrhorod, Pyriatyn, Kharkiv, Chuhuyiv)
  • Central cluster (Vilniansk, Melitopol, Ternivka)
  • Southern cluster (Voznesensk, Mykolayiv, Yuzhne)

Additional participants represented Mariupol, Severodonetsk and Kherson.

Generally, the following training programs were developed within this Project:

  • “Rule of Law in Self-Government Bodies’ Activities in Ukraine” aimed at general improvement of participants’ rule of law professional comprehension.
  • “Following Rule of Law Principles in Administrative Services Provision” covers the specifics of rule of law application in six practical spheres of local self-government bodies’ activities.
  • “Rule of Law and Legal Drafting in Local Self-Government” aimed at improving participants’ knowledge and professional understanding of local legal drafting through the prism of the rule of law principles and development of skills of its effective application for the protection of human rights and democracy on the institutional level of local self-government.
  • “Rule of Law as Conflict Prevention Mechanism” aimed at supporting local self-government officials understand the specifics of normative regulation of local self-government bodies’ activities in military conflict conditions based on international standards.
  • “Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration (DDR) for Public Bodies in Ukraine” covering major international standards and instruments of overcoming the results of military conflicts through the mechanisms of disarmament, demobilization, reintegration.